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Sort of bragging...

I just got hired by This guy (James Stolzenbrach) for several projects! I am beyond excited to be working with someone of his talent!

Yay! It looks like I may have more than just a hobby in modeling now!

Now I must go fill my tummy with lots of food, for I have a rather long tattoo session at 5!


Birthday... *sigh*

*le sigh*

My birthday is Friday. I'll be 24, and people still think I'm some military dude's 13 year old mail order bride. Joy.

That is all.

I am so excited!!

I found out today that my hubby and I got our mortgage approved, and all we're waiting on is the appraisal report! By this time next week, we will be homeowners. Although, we are not moving into the place until October, due to the sellers building a house that isn't done. Which is fine. They will be "renting" from us for 4 months.

Anyway, I am super excited about owning a gorgeous 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom townhouse on a mountain. My favorite part is the koi pond! I'm trying to figure out what kind of turtle I can put in there. I don't want it to eat my fishies!

my koi pond & yard

The front of my house


I am drinking the best wine ever. It tastes so yummy and fruity, not bitter like other wines (it's a Rose).

It comes from this Abbey in the middle of Canon City, CO. Trevor and I drove by it on the way to the World's Highest Suspension Bridge (Royal Gorge... it's this little bridge built in like 1860, a mile over the water... scary).

You can order wine here.

This is the place:

It sits yards from a 19th century prison. :P

new tattoo

the start of my sleeve:


It's based on a Bernardo Luini painting, and it came out better than I imagined it would. :D


Finally some awesome news:

PENTAGON (AP) - Soldiers could see their tours of duty cut from 15 months to 12 in a proposal being considered by the Army. The Pentagon wants to reduce stress on troops, but says a final decision won't be made until there's input from battlefield commanders.

From here.

Trevor could be home for this Christmas! I'm so, so, so happy!!!


I'm not doing too well with Trevor gone, and it's only the second day. How am I going to last for the rest of the 15 months you ask? Probably going to be hermitted and never leave the house and just crying all the time. It hurts to cry now... Tears don't want to come out. I'm sick of it already.

Apparently he's landed safe, but I never got the e-mail saying so (one of my friends got it, but not me). The FRG leader for my husband's shop is pretty much a dumb bitch who doesn't care to forward what she's supposed to because her husband hasn't left for Iraq yet. He was making up every excuse not to go, which is why he's still here, but now they've caught onto that and he has to go... I mean it's nice that her husband's still home, but motherfuck, do the job you volunteered for! I'm in agonizing pain not knowing what is going on with my husband! Can't she figure out there are wives who are freaking out over not knowing where their husbands are or if they made it okay? :(

I'm making myself sick over here...

I have to say the amount of support SG members have been giving me has been overwhelming. I'm constantly getting messages from women who have been through what I'm going through and from members who are extending prayers and thoughts to my husband. It's really nice to know there are still some nice strangers out there.

Merry Fucking Xmas (Love, the army)

Trevor leaves for Iraq on Sunday. We were supposed to have till Monday, but they changed their minds today, and he's leaving a day early.

Needless to say, I'm coming back to Boston for Christmas. I'll probably say till the week after New Year's, so if anyone wants to cheer me up and see me, that'd be awesome.

At least the good news is, by the time I head back, a good friend (from Boston) is moving in with me here in Colorado. So I won't be allowed to be an emo hermit.

Colorado Goth Club...

So, I went to the Goth Night last night here in Colorado Springs. Noticed a couple of things.

1) Colorado Goths can't dress.
2) Colorado Goths can't dress, but they can dance pretty well.

One dude actually walked up to me and used the line, "Hey, I saw you at Target once... New in town?" After which I explained I moved here to marry a soldier. Turned out dude was a soldier as well on the same base as Trevor. Goth soldier... Weird. He left once Trevor came back from the bathroom and noticed the big honking rock on my left hand... Lame.

It was an okay time. They play some weird music, and use entirely too much strobe light, which lead to me getting a migraine. I might go back, but probably won't be dancing much. Ugh.